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That sneaky iRiver S10

An iRiver player previously thought to be unobtainable in the States made a sneaky appearance around Christmas time.


Well, I'll be...remember back when the iRiver S10 originally snuck onto the Web? I came across the player on our sister site, CNET Asia, and it was recently brought back to my attention by a press release that announced the availability of the player in the U.K. In the first instance, I believed it was probably inevitable that the S10 would be relegated to the other side of the Pacific (because, you know, Asia gets all the cool stuff), but I thought the recent British release of the pendant-style player was worth some deeper digging. Dare I say that it was too little, too late? As it turns out, iRiver America (which, go figure, sells iRiver devices in the U.S.) received a shipment with a "few hundred" S10s, but they "did not want to do an announcement and drive traffic to the site only to have them be sold out." Why, those sneaky little devils! The package was received just before Christmas time, and nearly all the devices were gone by CES in early January. In any case, the American division is "hoping" to get another (larger) shipment of the S10s when they get the Clix2 and W10 shipments (scheduled for Q2). So, if you've been lusting after an iPod Shuffle-like player, but eschew the lack of a screen (in color, no less!), be sure to keep your eye on iRiver America--there's no telling how many might be available this next time around.