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Thanksgiving turkey fun for your Android

Add some autumn holiday flair to your Android device with these fun, whimsical downloads.

It's everyone's favorite food-holiday, folks. And that can only mean one thing: it's time to dress your Android device up like a turkey!

Well, sort of. I am not suggesting you physically attach feathers or a beak to your phone, but I am absolutely suggesting you download some fun turkey-related apps on your device, like now.

Access Lane

First, go ahead and download Thanksgiving Turkey Run Live Wallpaper. It costs 99 cents in the Android Market, but it's a small price to pay to get costumed turkeys running wildly around your home screen. You can let these cute, animated birds run freely around without a care in the world, or if you get bored observing their blissful existence, you can tap your screen to shoot them. The wallpaper even keeps a running count of your kills. Exciting, right?


If not, you can, of course, go the fall colors and horns-of-plenty route. Fall Leaves for Thanksgiving is a great choice with its huge variety of holiday-themed wallpapers. You can choose from several different backgrounds including pumpkin patches, cornucopias, and assorted gourds, and there are virtually endless combinations of settings to always keep things fresh. You can choose from over 20 different leaf types, and customize motion, speed, and more. The app costs 99 cents in the Android Market, but if you're all about the autumn like I am, then you'll see it as money well spent.

Or for something completely different, try Turkey for Thanksgiving Free. All I'll say is it's creepy and hilarious at the same time. Otherwise, I won't ruin it for you. Curious, aren't you?

Finally, no tech geek's November holiday would be complete without a turkey game. Thus, I introduce to you Turkey Blast: Reloaded, a colorful game with simple animation and even simpler tap-to-shoot game play. It offers 12 different turkeys to blast, unlockable weapons, and an unlimited number of levels. Oh, and it's free!

So, if you're looking to get festive with your Android device, these downloads should do the trick. On the other hand, if you feel absolutely compelled to attach feathers and a beak, and maybe even some caruncles to your phone, I won't stop you. In fact, I would strongly encourage you, because that would be awesome, and I would love to see some photos.