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Thanko glasses give you HD POV video on the cheap

For just $91, you can take full HD video with these specs. The frames may look a little clunky, but the camera is barely noticeable.

Hidden camera: Thanko's Mitamanma Megane Thanko

If you long for high-tech eyewear but can't afford, or wait, for Google Glass, these Japanese glasses let you record in HD for less than $100.

Mitamanma Megane from Japan's Thanko hide the camera in the frame and only cost 8,890 yen ($91). That's cheaper than similar products like Pivothead video glasses, which go for around $300.

The Thanko frames look pretty clunky, and weigh 2.11 ounces, but the camera is barely noticeable.

The specs record 1,920×1,080 AVI files at 20-30fps onto a microSD card in the frame, and take about three hours to recharge via USB. A full charge gives you about 30-40 minutes of recording time, according to Thanko.

A small button on the frames starts recording. You can watch a game of catch recorded with the glasses in the promo video below.

These could pass for designer glasses, making them perfect for spying. Get them from White Rabbit Express here.

(Via Akihabara News)