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Texting newscaster falls into freezing canal

A British radio newscaster is so mesmerized by her cell phone that she topples into a canal, even as a bystander shouts to her to stop.

Here's one of Birmingham's picturesque canals. Voxley19/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Let's try and make some excuses.

She's a newscaster, so she's so used to focusing on words written down that she loses track of everything else.

She was texting her boyfriend, who is so astoundingly gorgeous that she would have walked through morning traffic in Manhattan just to send him an "LOL."

No, it's no good.

Laura Safe (this is, indeed, her real name) is the latest in the annals of people who almost did themselves permanent damage because they were too busy texting to see where they were going.

While one of the previous surviving wet texters fell into Lake Michigan, Safe merely fell into a canal in Birmingham, England.

This happens to be my home town, so may I tell you that it's like Venice without the beauty or the wonderful literature written about its detectives.

Safe, being a newscaster for Capital FM radio there, must have known there was a canal or two sprinkled about. (Birmingham has 114 miles of them.)

However, as she wandered down the steps of a shopping mall, she was busily staring into her phone, texting her man.

As the Daily Mail tells it, another man, property company founder Neil Edgington, watched her heading down the steps and inexorably toward the freezing canal and shouted for her to stop.

It appears she didn't listen. It appears Edgington may have ruined his suit in saving her.

After being rescued by Edgington from the wet and cold, Safe told the Mail: "I was there on the edge, teetering on the edge, moving my arms around, trying to save myself from falling into this horrendous canal which is most probably full of, well I don't know what's in there."

But we know what was in there: an engrossed texting newscaster by the name of Safe.