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Hear the Tetris theme played on wine glasses

Tetris might be all about blocks, but in a new YouTube video, it gets a flowing, watery treatment that's hard not to enjoy.

His name might be "Newbie," but he's no beginner at playing cool themes on wine glasses. Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

If you thought playing a game of Tetris was challenging, try playing the theme song -- on wine glasses! That's exactly what wine-glass virtuoso and YouTuber Dan Newbie has just done (see below).

By filling wine glasses with varying levels of water to create different tones and then hitting them (lightly, of course) with teaspoons, the mad musician has created a truly captivating version of the block-fitting video game's theme song. The song, which is apparently based on an 1800s Russian folk song known as "Korobeiniki," actually sounds like it was always meant to be played in this format. Hand claps and snaps form the rhythm section of the piece that looks like it is composed of three different tracks laid on top of each other.

This isn't Newbie's first foray into rendering iconic theme songs on wine glasses. He's previously tapped out the " Game of Thrones" and " Super Mario Brothers" themes as well as the Legend of Zelda theme and "Let It Go" from "Frozen." As you can see at the beginning of the video, Newbie likes taking inspiration from his fans, so get in touch (his contact details are at the top of his YouTube page) if you have any special requests.

Here's Newbie's version...

And the original for comparison ...