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'Tetris' movie stacks up two sequels

Could the popular block-stacking game support three films? The person behind the "Tetris" movie...err...trilogy seems to think so.


The "Tetris" movie will soon be become a trilogy.

The Tetris Company

You're not going crazy. The "Tetris" sci-fi movie, which has become a Chinese movie with Chinese actors, has now grown into a trilogy, according to a report from Empire. Filmmaker Larry Kasanoff says the the story behind the film will be so big you'll need three movies to get through it.

While no details of the plot have been revealed -- it's supposed to be a surprise -- we do know that it's supposed to tie in with the theme of Tetris, which is bringing order out of chaos. That's puzzling, because we all know Tetris is all about pressing the down button and stacking blocks to get to the top as quick as you can (or maybe I've been playing the wrong game).

The movie has started casting in China, and will have a global feel while being partly shot in China. Here's to hoping it doesn't actually suck and crush the dreams of millions of Tetris fans.