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Tetris for Sprint, and other EA Mobile games

Tetris for Sprint, and other EA Mobile games

Aside from Madden NFL 07, there were many other EA Mobile games on display at the EA booth. There was the recently announced Tetris for Sprint, the first Tetris game to be released on the CDMA carrier. Via Sprint's Game Lobby community feature, there's a multiplayer option where players can play head-to-head on the popular puzzler and see where they rank on the leader board.

Other EA Mobile games on display on the show floor were Orcs & Elves by id Software, a fantasy RPG that is now available to Verizon customers and will be available to the rest of the carriers in July. Several other EA sports titles such as Final Night Round 3, FIFA World Cup, NBA Live 2007, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 were also shown. Most of the games were still in development, and an EA rep said the games were slated for release some time late this year, although he let slip that NBA Live may be released in October 2006.