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Tetris drops onto TVs, every other product around

The classic falling-block puzzle game makes its first television debut, along with a massive push into retail.

In Soviet Russia, Tetris builds you! The Tetris Company

Back in the day, obsessively playing Tetris on an original 8-bit Nintendo Gameboy helped make me the socially awkward young man I am today. Alas, gone are the days of gray-scale gaming machines--and any shot I had at being an alpha male.

Now I come to find out one of the finest puzzlers from the former Soviet Union has become an app on Samsung's Smart TV platform. Who needs a gaming device for low-level games when most modern TV remotes have D-Pads anyways? Gamers tired of playing on their cell phones can purchase Tetris on 2011 Samsung Smart TVs in the U.S. and South Korea, with a free-to-play trial and a $4.99 full version for falling-block addicts.

Tetris mania doesn't stop there though; in fact, the madness has only just begun. According to the overenthusiastic press release regarding Tetris for TV, 12 new Tetris-tinged product categories will hit stores between now and the holidays. We're talking tabletop, board, dice, and single-player strategy games; T-shirts; mugs; wall graphics; furniture; novelty watches; silicone bracelets; and life-size bricks you can drop from tall buildings, just to name a few (OK, just kidding about the bricks).

Perhaps the overexposure of the Tetris brand is justified, as Blue Planet Software (which manages the licensing rights) announced that the 27-year-old game has surpassed 132 million mobile paid downloads. Tetris is available for nearly every modern (and ancient) mobile platform, including iOS, Android, and others. Despite Rovio saying Angry Birds has been downloaded 250 million times, Blue Planet notes that "no title has been able to sell more paid downloads on mobile than Tetris." Here's hoping to an Angry Birds-Tetris mashup game.

Now, can someone at least develop a cure to get that blasted Tetris theme song out of my head?