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Tetris coming to the DS with online play

Tetris coming to the DS with online play

Nintendo has just announced that Tetris is coming to the DS. Tetris DS will have six different gaming modes; touch-screen use; classic Nintendo game themes from Mario, Zelda, and Metroid; and full multiplayer support. Tetris addicts will be able to challenge each other online through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and locally through ad-hoc Wi-Fi, with one Tetris DS cartridge shared between as many as 10 players. Tetris itself is more than 20 years old, and the Game Boy version of the game was one of the first and most popular titles for the system. Tetris hasn't had a compelling sequel since its release on the Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System, but an online version for the DS might breathe new life into the classic puzzle game. Nintendo plans to release Tetris DS on March 20.

Source: DS Fanboy via Joystiq