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Tesla Roadster to be a one-speed car

The company came up with a new transmission so its sports car will actually be a sports car.

The engineers at Tesla Motors have designed a new single-speed transmission for its sports car that will let it hit the promised zero to 60 mph in four seconds.

Photos: Under the hood of the Tesla Roadster

The transmission won't come out on the first Tesla Roadsters coming off the line, the company said in a press release. Those early production cars will have a two-speed transmission that will only let the car get to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds. Problems with the transmission were part of the reason the company delayed the cars from the middle of last year until now. Some modifications to the engine will be necessary to accommodate the transmission.

So when will the first Tesla Roadsters hit the street? Soon. Chairman Elon Musk gets his next week, said the company. Production of the Tesla Roadster is set to begin March 17, it added. However, the company didn't give exact delivery dates. Considering that the company sells the car directly, there may not be a huge delay.