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​Tesla Model X Australian pricing: The Falcon Wing for the new Millennium

Tesla is gradually getting a serious foothold in the Australian market, and the Model X SUV is just another step on that path. But if you want to buy in, you'll need to stump up the cash.

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First came the Tesla Roadster, the electric sports car for rev heads with a conscience. Then Tesla showed us the Model S, the stylish sedan that launched in Australia with much fuss and fanfare (and a sneaky cameo from Sneaky Sound System).

Now Australians have finally learned when they'll be able to get their hands on the wheel of Tesla's latest electric vehicle, the Model X.

The SUV launches in Australia today, and is due to start rolling into Australian garages in May 2017 (for those who order from launch). As of next week, Tesla will also have an online tool for Australians to configure their perfect Model X, with add-ons and customisations. No word yet on whether Tesla will also let you order a car air freshener shaped-like Elon's face (Musk-scented, obviously).

If you're not across the Model X already -- with its DeLorean-reminiscent, Falcon Wing doors, the largest panoramic windshield in production and speeds of 0-100 km/h in 3.1 seconds -- then you can check out all the details on Road Show.

There are four models on offer, the Model X 60D, Model X 75D, Model X 90D, Model X P90D and Model X P100D.

The Model X boasts Falcon Wing doors.


There's no set Australia-wide price, because you'll pay different stamp duties, registration and third party insurance fees, state by state. The P100D pricing is also still to be announced, but we'll update when we have it.

Regardless, the recommended retail price of each model (which we've listed below to include Australia's Luxury Car Tax) is not to be sneezed at. But if you have a cheeky $100K to your name, you can buy a piece of the Tesla action.

Model X 60D -- AU$122,812

Model X 75D -- AU$139,842

Model X 90D -- AU$163,242

Model X P90D -- AU$201,072

Model X P100D -- TBA