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Tesla geek-out in Silicon Valley

Engineers from Silicon Valley quiz an engineer from Tesla Motors about the electric car that's yet to be.

Tesla Roadster: second engineering prototype

The new Tesla Roadster is getting some buzz. Being built as an all-electric car, Tesla's engineering aims to minimize resource consumption per mile. CNET reporter Stefanie Olsen watched a Tesla engineer answer questions from a roomful of Silicon Valley engineers. He said his Tesla will go 4,900 miles on 1 megawatt of energy while a hydrogen car would go about 1,800 miles because of the energy needed to produce the hydrogen.

The Tesla on display was the second engineering prototype. Last fall, CNET captured video of an earlier prototype.

Tesla has already sold 180 of the cars at $92,000 each. First delivery of the two-seater Tesla Roadster is now set for November or December.