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Tesla, Boost Mobile and a farewell to the Samsung Music Hub in Girt by CNET podcast 08

Both Samsung Music Hub and BigPond Music are set to shut down, while Boost Mobile makes a new push for the youth market and Tesla gets to ready to open its Sydney dealership.

The streaming music landscape in Australia is pretty chockers with a variety of contender, although by the end of this year there'll be two less. Both Samsung Music Hub and BigPond Music are set to wave the white flag and retire -- we look at what that means for the users.

About 18 months ago Boost Mobile moved from being an Optus MVNO to a more tightly integrated part of the Telstra family and they're pushing back into that youth market with a vengeance.

Tesla has confirmed that it will have its St Leonards-based showroom open by mid-December, with a lavish launch on the 9th.

Finally, we take a look at Kogan's entry into the laptop market, with the Atlas X1510.

Girt by CNET episode 08

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