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Tesco unlimited broadband now £16.25 per month

Tesco Broadband offers unlimited Internet access for just £2.50 per month -- plus £13.75 line rental, of course.

What can you get for £2.50? Not much these days -- but how about unlimited broadband? Tesco Broadband reckons it can sort you out with unlimited Internet access for just a couple of quid -- well, on top of your line rental.

To get your web connection for £2.50, you need to also get your phone line from Tesco for £13.75 per month. That makes a grand total of £16.25.

BT's Internet and phone line deals start at £26, with a 10GB cap. Sky currently offers a half-price deal on unlimited Internet, which with line rental works out at £17.25 for the first year. For more on broadband prices, compare the deals at comparison sites such as uSwitch, BroadbandChoices or MoneySupermarket -- and remember to factor in the line rental.

If you have a Tesco ClubCard you'll also get triple points on your Tesco broadband spending. Evening and weekend landline calls are free too. You can sign up for a year or just renew your contract on a monthly basis, no strings attached. The deal is available until 31 May 2012.

The unlimited deal includes a fair-use policy that will see you sans-broadband if you regularly download over 100GB per month.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is planning to reduce broadband costs by capping BT's charges. It's just as well, as three-quarters of us are unhappy with our broadband -- and Tesco may look tempting as Ofcom also makes it easier to switch your Internet service provider.

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