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Tesco iPhone: Exclusive first picture!

Tesco Mobile is to start selling the Apple iPhone before Christmas, and we've got an exclusive first picture

It was announced this week that Tesco Mobile is to sell the iPhone. Reactions ranged from amused disdain to utter joy: is this the end of the MessiahPhone's premium cachet, or is it just the start of a price revolution that will put the world's favourite mobile Web-browsing device in the hands of the masses? The iPhone 3G and 3GS could be available from Tesco as soon as Christmas, and we've got an exclusive first picture of the form the phone, er, could take.

Every little helps, right? Fingers crossed that Tesco Mobile will be the company to eviscerate the cosy circle of inflated pricing offered by O2 and Orange. If you've held out this long without succumbing to the JesusPhone, will the Tesco deal encourage you to finally go Apple? And if you've already got an iPhone in your pocket, will you be switching to Tesco's Finest?

One thing's for sure, even after three years, the iPhone remains the hero product of hero products when it comes to creating heated debate, fevered speculation -- and decidedly dodgy Photoshop mock-ups.