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Tesco Groceries iPhone app: Do your weekly shop in bed

Tesco has launched an iPhone app that allows you to shop for groceries and arrange a delivery without having to set foot in the supermarket.

Tesco has launched a free Groceries app that allows you to do your weekly shop on your iPhone.

Once you've registered at the Tesco website and downloaded the app from the iTunes store, it'll allow you to find products, create a shopping basket, check out and arrange a delivery. If you've already made an order online on a computer, you can change it with the app.

The app has a 'favourites' section in which you can place your preferred products for easy access, as well as nutritional and storage information for some items. As yet, it doesn't offer the ability to browse offline.

Tesco already has a similar app on the Ovi Store, but this is the first time it has made a service of this type available to iPhone users. Tesco has also developed a Clubcard app, as well as a Wine Finder app that lets you buy wine by snapping a photo of the label.

Tesco said that it went for Nokia's platform first because Symbian devices are much more widespread among its customers than iPhones. Now Tesco is looking to create apps for other platforms.

Ocado, Waitrose and Sainsbury's also offer mobile apps. The Sainsbury's app gives you access to special offers and a few other features, but none are as compelling as the ability to do your weekly shop using just your mobile phone.

Like Tesco's Groceries app, The Ocado app allows you to buy Waitrose goods using your iPhone. Waitrose also has an app that offers recipes and special offers.

If you've already registered for Tesco or Ocado's delivery services online, providing your payment details in the process, then it's easy to use the apps to buy what you need. The word on the street, though, is that paying with your card when using the apps themselves is a clunky process.

Do you buy your groceries online? Will Tesco's iPhone app make your life easier? Will you do your main shop with Tesco and use the Ocado app just to pick up your Waitrose bits and pieces? Waitrose isn't half pricy, you know. Spill your borlotti beans in the comments section below.