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Tesco Digital Locker: Your music and movies stored in the cloud

Tesco is planning a Digital Locker service that will keep your movies and music in the cloud. This article comes with bonus content!

Bing bong -- attention, shoppers: Tesco is launching a Digital Locker service that will let you store digital copies of your movies and music in the cloud, to play back on any device.

Home Cinema Choice reports that Blueprint Digital, the company powering the service, announced the Tesco deal at a media conference today.

Because it's tied to Tesco's reward-card database, if you have a Clubcard you will have a Digital Locker. Swipe your Clubcard while purchasing a CD or DVD, and a digital copy of the title is added to your locker. You will then be able to stream or download to up to 12 registered devices, such as your phone or laptop.

There's no word on whether the service will be free. We do know it's backed by Currys, Dixons and PC World parent DSGi, and could be with us as soon as October. We suggest that, when it does arrive, it's renamed Digital Wonky Trolley. Comments, please shoppers: every little helps or very little help?

Bonus content: Some humdinging photos from the Tesco press archive, kicking off with a Slovakian Tesco Value iron:


Chinese toilet cleaner:


Slovakian Tesco Value water: