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Tesco broadband now £2, not counting line rental

Tesco has slashed the cost of broadband to just £2 per month, plus fifteen quid line rental.

Tesco has slashed the cost of broadband to just £2 per month. You've got to pay fifteen quid line rental, but it's still a tempting offer.

The supermarket is offering a package that gives you unlimited broadband and phone calls for a total of £16.90 all in. You get your line rental from Tesco rather than BT, costing £14.90. Chuck in your two quid for broadband and you get free evening and weekend calls on top, as well as a Clubcard point for every pound you spend.

You can sign up for a year, in which case setup is free, or renew every month, in which case setup costs £40. 

Tesco claims it's the cheapest unlimited broadband available that doesn’t involve paying for an additional telecoms service, saving you around £80 a year compared to BT. And if that's not cheap enough for you, Tesco is giving broadband away completely free if you get your phone on a Tesco Mobile phone contract.

If you're not happy with the service, Tesco's Happiness Promise says you can leave any time in the first three months without any penalty.

Other Clubcard extras include free on-demand telly.

Tesco's two quid deal is available until 30th June 2013. Have you seen a better broadband deal? Who supplies your Internet? Tell us about it in the comments or on our Facebook page.