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Terry Crews eating hot wings is something everyone should watch

It's not easy to make it to the last spicy wing on the Hot Ones Youtube channel, but Terry Crews explains why he's up to the challenge.

Terry Crews played in the NFL, became famous for Old Spice commercials and kills it on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," but his visit to the Hot Ones set is a must watch.

I've talked about Hot Ones before. It's the show from the First We Feast YouTube channel where interviewer Sean Evans asks celebrities questions as they eat increasingly spicy chicken wings. 

Strange as it might sound, there are tons of great episodes, but when Terry Crews sits down to answer questions in the latest episode, things get deep. One of many charismatic actors in now the fifth season of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," Crews opens up about a tough childhood, his time in the NFL, how he became an actor and what motivates him to keep giving it his all.

Watch for yourself: