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'Terminator 2 3D' is back in August. Here's the trailer

James Cameron brings Arnie and action in three dimensions for the remastered sci-fi action classic.

He said he'd be back. An extra dimension has been added to the sci-fi classic that is "Terminator 2", and it returns to theatres starting 25 August in 3D.

I have mixed feelings about 3D. But if anyone can get it right it's James Cameron, who pioneered the latest cutting-edge version of the technology in "Avatar". Plus it's a chance to see Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton kicking ass on the big screen in pristine remastered quality.

Cameron's company Lightstorm, which already converted "Titanic" and is currently working on the "Avatar" sequels, spent a year scanning and restoring the original 35mm negative of "T2", then calibrated in 4K and converted it to 3D using Stereo D. The 3D version got a specific finish by Technicolor under the supervision of the director himself. That should wipe away the memory of what's come since, even if Cameron and Arnie are planning another one.

The cybernetic sequel was originally released in 1991 and saw Arnie face off with a liquid-metal cyborg memorably played by Robert Patrick. The effects that that morphed Patrick's stone-faced T-1000 into any shape he desired remain chilling to this day, and I for one am keen to see how they look in 3D. 

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D" will be in theatres on 25 August in the US and 29 August 29 in the UK.

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