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Tenori-On now shipping in U.S.

Yamaha has announced that it is now shipping the Tenori-On electronic music instrument to U.S. customers.

Photo of Yamaha Tenori-On.
The Yamaha Tenori-On music sequencer in all its bleepy glory. Yamaha

Yamaha's elusive Tenori-On music sequencer officially goes on sale today in the U.S. Yamaha is asking $1,200 for the Tenori-On, which isn't a bad deal when held up to comparable devices such as the Akai MPC1000.

With only 60 units in stock, and a rabid throng of electronic musicians champing at the bit for these things, we expect Yamaha will sell through its supply by the time you read this. For the rest of you, there's always the T-shirt.

Yamaha Tenori-On music sequencer