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Tenet's exclusive new trailer just went live... inside Fortnite

You'll be able to watch the trailer every hour starting at 5 p.m. PT.

Warner Bros.

Tenet is the new movie by legendary director Christopher Nolan. Fortnite is the legendary video game played by millions. Together they've joining forces to do something a little different: Launching a brand new movie trailer for Tenet inside a video game.  

You can watch it now, here's what it looks like:

This all might sound bizarre, but considering the direction Fortnite has been headed, it's par for the course. In December last year J.J. Abrams showed off new Rise of Skywalker footage in Fortnite.

Earlier this year Travis Scott held a concert inside the game and it was incredible.

Long story short, Fortnite isn't just a video game it's a media outlet and showing off new footage of hyped movies inside Fortnite is quickly becoming a new norm.

Also on a side note, it appears that Nolan will be showing "one of his iconic films to Fortnite this summer for a full length free screening for fans," so stay tuned for more details on that soon.