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Ten-year-old Apple Newton beats latest Windows UMPC

It's the battle of the century! The very latest Windows ultra-mobile PC versus the ten-year-old Apple Newton. It's a fight to the death, with a surprising result

We pitted the Apple Newton Messagepad against the latest Samsung Q1 ultra-mobile PC (Origami project), and -- despite being a decade old -- the Newton won. Find out why by checking out the blow-by-blow account here. If you'd like to add your thoughts on the results of the match, click on the comments button below.

Apple launched the Newton over ten years ago, but it failed to capture the public's imagination and was ultimately discontinued. Many critics held the view that the Newton failed, not because it was a badly designed product, but because it was simply ahead of its time -- a market for ultra-mobile computers simply didn't exist back then.

A decade on and it seems we've learnt little about mobile computer design. Apple's Newton trumped Samsung's offering with two knockout punches in our head-to-head battle. We feel the title is well earned, what do you think? Click here to read the full story. -CS