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Ten bucks says some nerd will use this ring to get married

This is one of three acceptable rings for men to wear.

Good luck getting that rock into those tight jeans Sakurako Shimizu

Men, look down at your fingers; if there's a ring on there, it best be either a wedding ring, a ring of power, or this super authentic 1981 ATARI chip replica, 'cause seriously, you've got no excuse for wearing any other jewelry on your digits.

Handmade by Sakurako Shimizu in Brooklyn, N.Y., the 18-karat gold ring you see above is crafted to look exactly like the original Atari computer chip. Talk about geek cred--who even remembers what those chips looked like?

No word yet on pricing, but keep checking Shimizu's blog and I'm sure she'll update it once it goes on sale.

Click through to see more pics of this ring. Hey, at least it's not a toe-ring.