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Temple Run journeys to the land of Oz

Temple Run: Oz challenges you to run, jump, and duck your way across the Yellow Brick Road as you travel through the magical land.

Temple Run: Oz Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore, at least not in the latest Temple Run game.

In Temple Run: Oz, you play the role of the Great and Powerful himself as you travel the Yellow Brick Road trying to outrun flying monkeys, avoid dangerous plants, and jump over or slide under an array of obstacles.

Released yesterday for iOS and Android for just 99 cents, Temple Run: Oz combines the usual hazards of the Temple Run games with the wonders and dangers of the land of Oz.

The game, the latest collaboration between Disney and Temple Run maker Imangi Studios, is a direct tie-in to the new Disney film "Oz the Great and Powerful." The character of Oz even resembles actor James Franco, who plays the title role in the movie.

The game itself is more than just a stroll down the Yellow Brick Road.

Tornadoes periodically wipe out part of the road, challenging you to figure out where to step. You also have to balance your way across narrow edges of the path. But just like in the film, you can sometimes catch a hot air balloon to cross greater distances.

Along the way, you pick up gold coins to increase your score and unlock more features. As with other Temple Run games, in-app purchases are always an option if you need more coins or want to grab some powerful gems.

You can even compete in weekly challenges to see how you fare against other players.

The graphics are stunning. The game is almost worth downloading just for the colors and scenery. At times, I was so amazed by the imagery that I lost track of the game itself.

Those of you who've had your fill of the Temple Run adventures may find the gameplay in Temple Run: Oz too familiar. But as a Temple Run fan, I like the transition to Oz with all new obstacles and adventures. I'm going to be spending a lot of time on that Yellow Brick Road.