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Temple Run 2 swings onto Android devices

The popular game has landed in Google's Play store for Android phone and tablet users.

Temple Run 2 for Android.
Temple Run 2 for Android. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Android users can now try to escape giant apes, swing on ropes, and jump over chasms, all courtesy of Temple Run 2.

The fast-paced action game debuted on Google Play today, where Android device owners can download it for free. Temple Run 2 has already proven a hit among iPhone and iPad users by racking up 20 milllion downloads from Apple's App Store in its first four days.

The new game places you in a jungle environment just like the original but throws in a variety of new twists and turns and better graphics.

This time you start off trying to escape a large ape as you swing with a rope. From there, you have to navigate your way through the jungle paths. You struggle to keep your character alive by jumping over huge gaps in the path, ducking under low bridges, and figuring out when to turn left or right.

Along the way, you score points by picking up gold coins.

But the action itself is fast and furious. Fail to react quickly enough, and your character meets his demise either by crashing, falling, or getting caught by the giant ape.

The basic game is free, but in-app purchases allow you to buy coins to enhance your character's skills or play as a different character.

I took Temple Run 2 for a ride on my Nexus tablet, and it's definitely addictive. Even when your character gets killed, and you have to start over, the scenario changes to keep the game fresh. Now the challenge is to get far enough along to face even more dangers on my quest to complete the game.