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Temple Run 2 sprints onto Android, giant ape in tow

The sequel to Temple Run has arrived on Android, a week after landing on iOS.

Temple Run 2, the follow-up to the mega-successful sprinting timewaster, has arrived on Android, a week after landing on Apple's iOS platform.

Like its predecessor, Temple Run 2 is pretty easy to pick up -- you control a treasure thief on the run from a terrifying giant ape, swiping across the screen and tilting your smart phone to control your escape through a series of ropes, walkways and high ledges.

As you run you can nab power-ups and gather coins, which can later be invested in making those power ups more, er, powerful. The app itself is free, but if you're struggling to collect enough coins, you can buy bundles of in-game cash with real money.

The app requires Android version 2.1 or higher, which should encompass just about every Android smart phone from the last two or three years.

The game is already garnering some rave reviews on Google Play. "Truly a beautiful game," one writes. "On the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, it performs perfectly."

Another appreciates developer Imangi's haste in releasing an Android version saying, "You guys are getting closer. Only a week after the iOS version. Thank you for that. 5 stars." The iOS version has already been downloaded 20 million times.

By the nature of Android's vast universe of different mobiles, some devices will likely handle the game slightly differently. Let me know which mobile or tablet you're using, and how Temple Run 2 performs on it, by sticking a note in the comments or on our Facebook wall.