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Temple Run 2 out now for iOS, Android fans must wait a week

The sequel has improved graphics and a refined coin collection system, as well as a bigger evil monkey.

Temple Run 2, a sequel to the enormously popular timewaster, is available to download now for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The new game doesn't change much -- you're still legging it from a giant monkey along a series of rickety bridges and crumbling stone walls -- but it does beef up the graphics significantly, and introduces new obstacles for your sprinting hero to overcome.

The app is free, but developer Imangi Studios is hoping you'll be tempted by in-app payments to acquire coins and gems, which boost your character's skills and improve your chances of running a personal best distance.

You don't have to splash your real-life cash if you don't want to, as coins can still be racked up by nabbing them during gameplay. Save up your coins to boost your moolah-acquiring abilities and improve the potency of distance-boosting goodies you find while you're on the run.

I've been playing the new game this morning, and Temple Run loyalists will be pleased to know it feels just the same as the original, but does look a whole heap better. If you're looking to blast through a couple of minutes in the Post Office queue, I've no doubt this second helping will fill your time admirably.

The app is coming to Android phones too, but isn't yet available on Google Play. Polygon reports the sequel should land on Google's operating system next week, delays notwithstanding, so 'droid enthusiasts shouldn't have too long to wait.

Will you download Temple Run 2? What's your best score so far? Let me know in the comments, or leg it over to our Facebook wall.