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Telstra takes Blue Tick from Moto Defy

After reviewing its performance, Telstra has decided the Motorola Defy does not qualify for its Blue Tick reception rating.

Telstra today began informing customers that the Motorola Defy is no longer part of its Blue Tick range of devices.

(Credit: Motorola)

The Blue Tick rating is awarded by Telstra to indicate handsets provide superior reception and are recommended for use by customers in remote regional areas. Motorola's Defy launched with a Blue Tick, but Telstra has recently reviewed the hardware's performance and decided it doesn't qualify. However, Telstra still refers to the Defy as one of the handsets it ranges as having strong reception.

"Unfortunately, we've had to revise the coverage performance rating for the Defy. Recent testing has shown that, due to a manufacturing change, the Defy doesn't meet our Blue Tick performance criteria. This applies to all Defy's sold to date," said a Telstra spokesperson in an email.

According to Telstra, the manufacturing change referred to is an adjustment made by Motorola to accommodate requirements of other telcos selling the Defy overseas. Telstra is discussing the possibility of Motorola adjusting the hardware so that future Defy stock may again qualify for a Blue Tick.

Customers who have bought a Defy through Telstra and rely on Blue Tick performance can contact Telstra to discuss a remedy or can follow this link and register their interest in any future developments.