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Telstra prepaid handset recharge

Telstra prepaid customers now have access to a "My Pre-paid" button on their handsets giving them the ability to recharge their accounts from their phones.

File this story under "keeping up with the Joneses".

Telstra prepaid customers now have access to a "My Pre-paid" option on their handsets which links them directly to their account balance, usage history and the ability to recharge their accounts via credit card or direct debit. No more standing in line at that busy 7-Eleven just to be served by a crotchety, under-paid attendant.

In addition to basic account management, the new service allows customers to switch prepaid benefits packages, adjust their freedom and friends lists &mdash selected numbers which carry subsidised or toll-free call rates &mdash and also transfer available prepaid credit from their accounts to the accounts of friends or family.

Of course this isn't a new concept, with other major Australian mobile carriers, including Optus and Vodafone, currently offering similar services from their customer's handsets.

Telstra prepaid customers looking to access this new service need to fill out an online registration form on Telstra's website.