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Unmetered Apple Music and free streaming subscriptions? Telstra, thanks!

Telstra wants you to forget all about the EPL to focus on entertainment of a different kind, offering customers data-free music and free subscriptions to Netflix, Stan and Presto.

The Telstra TV app will let customers search for TV and movie titles on streaming services, and turns a smartphone into a remote for Telstra TV.


Telstra is pushing hard on mobile entertainment, announcing unmetered Apple Music streaming for all mobile customers, free 3-month Netflix, Stan and Presto subscriptions on selected plans and an all-in-one entertainment app that ties in with Telstra TV.

The telco announced the new sweeteners for customers today, adding to its lineup of sports streaming content, including AFL and NRL (which will stay unmetered for the rest of the 2016 season) and netball and basketball. The deals also follow Telstra's offer of free Apple Music subscriptions, first launched in 2015.

Optus might have the rights to the EPL, but Telstra is clearly trying to position itself as the go-to telco for all your entertainment needs.

From Tuesday August 23, Telstra will roll out three new entertainment features, including:

  • Data-free music streaming on Apple Music
  • A three-month subscription to Netflix, Stan and Presto (all three) on post-paid plans valued at AU$95 and over, and BYOD plans valued at AU$70 and over
  • The Telstra TV+ app, which lets users search for 25,000+ episodes and movies on Stan, Presto and Bigpond Movies, and use their phone as a remote for Telstra TV
  • Telstra says the offers are a response to growing demand for content over mobile. It's a demand that has seen a spike in network traffic during morning and evening commute times, and which saw one quarter of its total mobile network traffic (24 percent) devoted to customers watching the recent Men's 100m sprint final at the Olympics.

And in a sign that Telstra is keen to put the high-profile network outages of this year behind it, Telstra's executive director of media, Michele Garra, said the telco's network is up to speed.

"Our focus on network quality has seen us boost data speeds for 4G customers by 20 per cent over the course of the last 12 months, making Australia's fastest mobile network even better for streaming live sports and entertainment."