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Telstra launches pre-paid mobile broadband data passes

Targeted at data-hungry mobile users, Telstra has updated its pre-paid mobile data offering, with "more generous" data allowances and the option to rollover.

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Telstra is offering pre-paid mobile customers new data options for quick use or long-term browsing, giving customers the opportunity to rollover data from month to month.

The telco's Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Data Passes are being billed as the ideal option for everything from weekends away to year-long data packages for tablet or mobile users who want their data limit to last longer before it expires.

The Passes come in a range of sizes and are charged at AU$10 for every GB of data. They also come with different expiry periods, ranging from 3 days for the 1GB Pass (AU$10) up to 2 years for the 16GB Pass (which also comes with a price break at AU$140). While the longer expiries are a good option for long-term tablet and mobile users, the short pre-paid passes seem suited for getting extra data for a spare device on a weekend away.

The Data Passes join a number of new initiatives on the mobile broadband front for Telstra. The telco recently announced it would increase data on new plans from April 9, bumping up inclusions for new customers across the life of the plan. Telstra also launched new Go Mobile plans this week, allowing customers to purchase additional companion SIMs to share data and voice inclusions from a base plan.

You can recharge with one of the Data Passes through Telstra's website, though data is only available for use in Australia.

The full details on the Data Passes are listed in the table below.

Pricing for Telstra's Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Data Passes. Telstra