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Telstra launches new 'Go Mobile' plans for easier data sharing

Telstra's new range of "Go Mobile" personal and business plans are aimed at making it easier to share data and add new devices across a single account.

Telstra has unveiled a new range of plans, called Go Mobile, that are aimed at allowing families to easily share data allowances, as well as add new phones and devices to a single account.

On any Go Mobile plan, a new phone can be added by purchasing an AU$40 per month companion SIM, which gives unlimited voice, SMS and MMS, while sharing the data from the original plan.

New SIM-enabled devices such as tablets can be added with the purchase of a Data Sharing SIM for AU$5/month. The Go Mobile plans also feature Telstra's Extra Data service, which will add an additional 1GB of data if you exceed your allowance. This is charged at a flat AU$10, rather than a per-MB fee.


The consumer plans begin at AU$55 a month for 1GB of Data and AU$550 of included calls, and climb to AU$195 a month for 16GB of data with unlimited calls and SMS.

Go Mobile contracts also come with a six month subscription to either Presto, AFL Live or NRL live.

Telstra is also offering Go Mobile Casual plans, with no lock-in contract. These begin at AU$35 a month for 500MB, up to AU$70 for 6GB. Both companion SIMs and data SIMs can be added to Casual plans.


For both business and consumer customers, Telstra will have a Premium offering, featuring 16GB of data and built-in roaming, with calls and 1.5GB of data per month available in eligible countries.

A Telstra spokesperson said that the new plans would replace the telco's existing Accelerate plans.