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Telstra announces Galaxy S II date and pricing

Telstra has finally announced pricing and availability for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II handset on the Next G network.

(Credit: Telstra)

Telstra today announced that the Samsung Galaxy S II (GS2) will be available on the Next G network from 26 July, boasting the title of Australia's fastest phone.

The telco will range the handset on its Freedom Connect plans, plus a monthly handset repayment cost, starting from AU$20 per month on the AU$59 plan over 24 months. This plan includes unlimited text messages and 1.5GB of data each month. Telstra will also sell the GS2 outright for AU$840.

Using the handset's HSPA+ technology on the Next G network means that the GS2 could be capable of speeds of up to 21Mbps, a first for handsets in Australia. The GS2 is also capable of HD voice calling, a feature that Telstra only switched on a fortnight ago.

Samsung launched the GS2 in Australia at the beginning of June, with Optus and Vodafone already ranging the handset. Globally, Samsung has sold three million GS2 handsets to date.