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Telstra adds SE Z750i to blue tick list

Telstra extends its list of bush-freindly handsets with the first from Sony Ericsson, the Z750i.

Sony Ericsson's Z750i

Telstra have announced the seventh mobile phone to make its exclusive list of "bush-friendly" blue tick handsets, the Sony Ericsson Z750i.

The blue tick indicates handsets which Telstra has tested for superior Next G network reception and suggests for use in remote areas of Australia; areas likely to be most adversely affected by the imminent shutdown of Telstra's CDMA network.

Speculation remains as to whether the CDMA network will close as scheduled on 28 January, 2008, with many regional customers still reporting difficulty in accessing Next G network reception in areas where CDMA reception continues to be available.

Director of Telstra Country Wide, Gary Goldsworthy, says it's important for customers, especially those in regional and rural Australia, to consider their needs carefully when choosing a mobile phone.

"The launch of the Sony Ericsson Z750 on Telstra's Next G network is great news for customers, particularly in rural and regional areas, as they now have nearly 30 devices on the Next G network to choose from."