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Tell your alarm to shut up with Moshi

An alarm clock that responds to your voice command.


Don't know about you, but personally, I have often fumbled around trying to snooze the alarm clock, and then ended up having to get up from bed because I pushed it off the table to a place I couldn't reach. Moments like that I wish I could just tell the alarm to shut the hell up.

Well, you can now do just that with what Moshi introduced on Monday. It's called Moshi IVR Clock and it could well be the first fully functional voice-responsive alarm clock.

You can use your voice to set the clock time and alarm. When it hears you say, "Hello Moshi," the device will respond with, "Command please." Now you can use any of its 12 built-in, voice-activated commands to explain which tasks you would like it to carry out.

You can ask the Moshi to do quite a number of things, like ask it to tell time, the temperature of the room, the current date, or even to change its lighting for night time, and so on. And of course, you can ask it to set or turn off the alarm without having to move your hands or even open your eyes.

It's no surprise that the World Blind Union officially endorses the Moshi IVR Alarm Clock. Its ease of use through verbal commands significantly benefits the blind community.

And even for unsophisticated sleepy heads like me, the Moshi IRV Alarm clock can do a lot of good. The device costs $50 and is available for purchase now.