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Televising McVeigh execution: Why not?



Televising McVeigh execution: Why not?

In response to the May 2 Newsmaker, "The fight to Webcast an execution":

I listen to all the bull about why we shouldn't be able to watch this fool get his. We watch executions on TV, the radio and newspapers everyday.

We watched the people in Oklahoma get executed. Men, woman and children. We watched them get burned, blown up, crushed. We see it every day. It sells papers.

So what's the big deal of watching a murderer get a shot in the arm? I feel it's kind of easy for him to die this way. His victims were crushed, burned, you name it. So one more execution shouldn't hurt the public. They are all backwards, like everything else. Welcome to the USA.

Arthur R Tribunella
Rochester, N.Y.