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Teleflip connects e-mail to SMS

Teleflip connects e-mail to SMS

I covered Joopz from DemoFall yesterday [see the Demo blog]. It's a nice Web site that lets you send and receive SMS messages. But a reader just wrote to tell me about an even easier PC-to-cell-phone texting service, Teleflip. Just send e-mail to a cell phone number, and the receiver will get it as an SMS. If there's a reply, you'll see it in your e-mail. Joopz has many more bells and whistles (such as the capability to transfer an ongoing text conversation from the Joopz Web site to your cell phone), but if you live in e-mail, Teleflip is a really easy way to get quick messages to coworkers and friends who may not use e-mail that much. It's free for up to 100 messages a month.