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Telecommuters Unite!

When the subject of telecommuting comes up, does your boss envision pajama-clad employees eager to sleep late, catch up on the soaps, and generally slack off on company time?

To eliminate this attitude and spread the word about the benefits of telecommuting, AT&T, the U.S. Department of Commerce, Mobile Office Magazine, the National Association of Women Business Owners, and others will sponsor Telecommute America! the week of October 23.

During the week-long effort to promote telecommuting, Telecommute America! will stress the positive aspects of working from home. These include a healthier environment with fewer cars emitting toxic carbon monoxide and other fumes, decreased overhead for small-business owners, and a more equitable balance between work and family.

Starting July 5, Telecommute America! will go live with a Web site at The site will offer information, news, and discussion groups, plus links to other Web pages. The Web site will also include a national "telework" survey that's accessible via phone at 800/835-3933.

According to estimates from research firm FIND/SVP in New York, more than 9 million people telecommuted in 1994, and an additional 14.2 million operated small businesses from home.