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Telecom megamerger

AT&T's plan to buy Tele-Communications Incorporated for $48 billion is another tangible sign of PC-TV convergence.

AT&T's announcement today to buy Tele-Communications Incorporated is another tangible sign of PC-TV convergence. The companies aim to create a "one-stop" shop for cable television, phone, and Internet access for consumers, perhaps controlled from a next-generation set-top TV box. They face intense competition, however.

AT&T buys TCI in $48 billion deal
AT&T has agreed to acquire Tele-Communications Inc. in an all-stock deal valued at about $48 billion.

Buy wins AT&T stake in @Home
The alliance is expected to play a pivotal role in AT&T's strategy to expand its Net access and provide local phone service via cable.

AT&T-TCI merger faces hurdles
Regulators are likely to closely scrutinize the buyout, and both telco and cable TV competitors may raise objections that the merger is anticompetitive.