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Teens live-streamed ice cream theft on Periscope, police say

Technically Incorrect: Two Utah teens allegedly steal ice cream from a truck and then offer the action up to a live audience.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

What would people have seen through these teens' eyes? screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Technology is opportunity.

It's the opportunity to live a life in a way you could never have imagined.

It's also the opportunity to instantly make yourself look a touch silly at the touch of a button.

Those philosophical thoughts lead me to the tale of two Utah 16-year-olds who allegedly decided it would be in their interest to steal some ice cream from a truck.

As NBC News reports, the teens may have considered old-fashioned theft not exciting enough. So, the police say, they broadcast the action live on the Periscope video streaming platform.

The thing about live-streaming is that you never know who might be watching. Police say that someone who lives in West Weber, Utah found the footage not to their liking and contacted the authorities.

This led police to narrow down who the Periscoper was and then to arrest him and his alleged accomplice.

A spokesman for the Weber County Sheriff's Office told me: "The complainant called in reporting that they were looking through Periscope and saw the two juveniles breaking into the vehicle. The juveniles were referred to Juvenile Court for Vehicle Burglary."

Lt. Lane Findlay told NBC News of the Periscoper: "He ended up confessing to the crime, that he and a friend had gone and broken in and taken three or four of these tubs of ice cream and apparently went and put them on people's doorsteps as gifts."

Findlay did, indeed, add a Robin Hood reference.

Of course, teens do get so many examples of modern behavior from their elders. Just as teens like their own 'wanted' pictures on Facebook, so do adults.

Teens do silly things. Stealing, smoking, drinking and filming themselves doing all sorts of things. In this, they are not very different from adults.

They are merely (slightly) more forgiveable.