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Teenager 1, Zune 0

Girl thinks up iPod music-sharing product

Broadband Media

Could a teenage girl undo what Microsoft hoped would be the Zune's iPod-killing feature?

Microsoft has long hoped that its MP3 player's wireless music-sharing abilities would help it gain precious ground on Apple's market leader, though that notion has hardly yielded any magic bullets. And now Kristyn Heath, a 16-year-old from the San Francisco Bay Area, has reportedly come up with the concept behind a device called "SnoopTunes" that lets iPods beam their music as well.

Moreover, unlike the Zune, "this one doesn't limit you to three days or three plays," according to Mobile Magazine. The $60 device--which itself looks something like a silver bullet, ironically--was engineered by the teenager's father at her behest. It's being sold on eBay and marketed on MySpace.

We can't help but wonder how Steve Ballmer & Company would have reacted upon hearing about SnoopTunes, though the words "insult" and "injury" come to mind. In any case, we suspect that Kristyn would be a slam dunk for an internship in either Redmond or Cupertino, if not a permanent position. But she's probably too smart for that.