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Teen tweets pic of collapsed man but doesn't stop to help

A teen in Scotland sees a man lying in the road. He takes a picture of the man and tweets it with an amusing (to him) caption. The man later dies after being struck by a vehicle.

How many people, on seeing a man lying the road at 2 a.m., would go over to ask if he's all right?

How many would just walk on by and assume the man was just another drunk?

And how many would take a picture and tweet it with an amused caption?

This research seems relevant on hearing the story of a teen who saw a man lying in the road at 2 a.m. in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He chose option No. 3.

As Scotland's Daily Record records it, Ikram Choudhury, described in various reports as either 17 or 19, captioned the tweeted picture with: "Eeeehm wtf (what the f***)? Some guy just casually lying outside Ocean Terminal."

That "some guy" -- 35-year-old Craig Williams -- died shortly afterward.

It is unclear whether Williams had already been hit by a vehicle when Choudhury took his picture. Choudhury was a passenger in a car that stopped specifically so he could take the shot, but is not suspected as being part of any hit-and-run.

On Twitter, Choudhury reportedly said he didn't try to help because he feared he might be sexually assaulted -- or as Choudhury reportedly described it, he might do "dodgy s***." (Choudhury's Twitter account appears to have been taken down.)

Williams' family, perhaps naturally, has reacted with anger.

Choudhury's family has come to his defense.

His uncle told the Daily Record: "He has never been in a situation like that in his life and because it was night time, he did not want to get out the car."

Some might find that understandable. What is less understandable is that Choudhury had the patience to use his phone to take the picture, but not to call for an ambulance. Isn't that, at least, what many people might have done?

As Williams' sister Lisa reportedly posted on Facebook: "If he had called an ambulance instead of taking a photo and putting it in Twitter my brother could still be here."

There is still a possibility that Choudhury may face charges for his actions.