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Teen suspect 'likes' his pic on police Facebook page

Luis Rodriguez, whose picture is featured on the Huntingdon Beach police Facebook page, seems rather proud of the fact -- which is a pity, because police want him on charges of vandalism.

It seems like such a happy place. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

We just can't resist it when people talk about us, write about us, or post our picture.

It's a validation which, in these socially networked times, we hope will spread far and wide.

True, like swans staring at their own reflection, we might lose our sense of place and propriety.

But I wonder if all of us, on seeing our picture on a police Facebook page, would not merely stare and admire, but actually click on that pesky "Like" button.

Yet this is what 18-year-old Luis Rodriguez is said to have done.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the police in Huntington Beach, Calif., posted his picture not out of pride.

Instead, he was accused of painting "f*** the pigs" on the side of police cars during riots in July.

According to the police's own Facebook page: "Mr. Rodriguez, apparently proud of his actions, 'liked' the Huntington Beach Police Department's picture #15 and shared it with his friends, which was noticed by numerous fans of our Facebook page and a series of tips leading to his identification."

Some might imagine that this was the equivalent of, in olden times, seeing a "Wanted" poster, walking up to it, and leaving your phone number and address.

Still, Rodriguez was arrested Friday and charged with vandalism.

The police and the wanted keep having Facebook encounters, and the wanted tend to come off worse.

Who can forget the U.K. teen who posted on a police Facebook page: "Catch me if you can"? They did.

He is but one example from the many who need additional approbation in public taunting.

Kids, the whole point of crime is to not get caught. Unless, of course, somewhere deep in the backs of some minds, fame is all.

But to not think that "liking" your picture might increase the chances of being caught reflects a curious sense of calculation.

This is doubly peculiar as, on his own Facebook page, Rodriguez reportedly claims that he was in the United States Air Force and studied pilot training at Anaheim High School. Oh, and he also says he works in a strip club.

At heart, it's not enough to achieve anything these days. You have to boast publicly about it too.