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Teen saves iPod, gets hit by truck

A Tampa teen reportedly drops her iPod in the road, runs back to pick it up, and gets hit by a pickup truck. She is the hospital with a possible broken leg.

One should always admire those with a hearty sense of priorities.

So I know you will all feel a tinge of soulful embrace towards a 16-year-old Tampa girl who was faced with a very difficult decision.

She was reportedly walking across the road and, calamity, dropped her iPod, according to an Associated Press story on

Having reached the other side, she had but a moment to consider her next move. Should she let the downloaded Miley, Kylie, and for all I know, Pete Wylie get crushed beneath the wheels of a pickup truck?

Surely worth going out on a limb for. CC Juanpol/Flickr

Or should she herself risk getting crushed by a pickup truck in order to save her irreplaceable little white machine?

This was a no-brainer.

The unnamed 16-year-old is recovering from what may or may not be a broken leg, the story said.

News of the condition of the iPod has not been released. But one can only hope that its remarkable innards have not been affected by this traumatic experience.