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Teen, inspired by Steve Jobs, makes a million pounds

Moved by his hero worship of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, a boy starts his first company, Mac Bundle Box, at 14. A year later he starts a second company. At 16, he's now made over a million pounds.

Few could truly claim that teens are, on the whole, terribly useful.

So the story of Christian Owens, an upstanding 16-year-old from Corby in the United Kingdom, might inspire others of his age to put down their pipes and their resentment and try to do something with their days.

It helps if you have a strong admiration for Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

According to the Daily Mail, Owens happened to be moved by the revolutionary chief executive. So, at the age of 14, he created a company called Mac Bundle Box, a neat little way for people to save money on various Mac OS X apps.

Not only was Owens a teen who enjoyed saving his customers money, he even donated some of his profits to charity. And still he made 700,000 British pounds. Which feels like a million dollars.

His latest venture. It's not pretty, but it works. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Owens does look a little on the nerdy side, with happily unruly curly hair and glasses that somehow reminded me of the cult classic "Joe 90," in which a 9-year-old becomes a special agent.

His words to the Mail, though, sound as if they came from an old man who has seen it all: "I think everyone has business sense in them, they just need to gain experience and be determined to make it."

Though he admires Apple's magical revolution, Owens isn't quite so convinced that magic truly has any part of business success. "There is no magical formula to business, it takes hard work, determination and the drive to do something great," he told the Mail.

His determination is so great that he has already created a new company, Branchr, a pay-per-click advertising company that distributes more than 300 million ads every month all over the Web.

Now one can argue about whether the Web really needs more than 300 million ads strewn all over its pristine pages. But one can surely only admire the fact that Branchr seems not only to be doing well, but also to have already acquired another company, Atomplan.

And between Mac Bundle Box and Branchr he's made around 1.2 million British pounds, which, as I count on my fingers, is close to $2 million.

Owens, who already employs eight people of legal drinking age, told the Mail: "I don't know where I will be in 10 years time but I won't leave Branchr until it has reached 100 million pounds."

This will presumably be when he is, oh, 19.