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Teen girl allegedly offers virginity for iPhone 4

Human lust for gadgets knows no end, and if a report from China is to believed, it may have finally hit absolute rock bottom.

Would people really do anything for the latest and greatest? CC Jorge Quinteros/Flickr

Many of you may remember the teen who reportedly sold his kidney for an iPad 2. Well, the obsession with gadgets may have reached yet another all-time low, if a story out of China is to be believed.

A recent Korea Herald article describes a Chinese teen girl who publicly posted a shocking proposition on Weibo (China's version of Twitter): buy her an iPhone 4 in exchange for her virginity.

The unnamed teen from Guangdong posted that it is her "dream to own an iPhone 4," but her "father won't let her get one." So, she took to the social-networking site with a picture of herself and some personal information, asking anonymous users of the microblogging service to buy her Apple's most powerful smartphone in exchange for, well, her body.

There is some speculation, according to KH, that someone may have gotten control of the girl's account and posted as her as part of a malicious prank. Weibo users have the ability to leave feedback on posts, and have blasted the girl with negative comments.

As we progress further into a gadget-filled existence, it's only natural for young people to want the latest and greatest devices. One can only hope this story turns out to be a fake, and if it is real, that other impressionable young people will realize there's more to life than gadgets before making foolish sacrifices.