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Teen gets carpal tunnel from texting, wants iPhone

A 16-year-old is diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome apparently brought on by her 100-texts-a-day habit. She reportedly feels an iPhone might be the only cure.

A 100-a-day habit isn't good for you. Everyone knows that. It's just hard, sometimes, to explain it to kids who think it's so cool.

Cigarettes? Lord, no, those things smell. We're talking texting.

According to ABC News, 16-year-old Annie Levitz from Mundelein, Ill., began to sense a little disharmony in her hands. They would feel tingly, numb, or merely hurt like hell. Had she been practicing her free throws in preparation for March Madness? Had she been attempting to become Mundelein's Chopin? If only. Levitz had merely been texting her friends up to 100 times a day.

Finally, she went to the doctor, who diagnosed her not with text dependency, but with carpal tunnel syndrome.

This unfortunate message came with the stipulation that she must wear a brace on each hand and enjoy cortisone injections. She also has to endure surgery. Worse than all of that, of course, is the embarrassment. She told ABC News: "It's painful, first of all. It's embarrassing wearing the braces, and having people know--it's not the greatest."

Levitz has also had to cut down on her habit, though she has been unable to go cold-texting-turkey. She gritted her teeth while admitting to ABC News that she is down from 4,000 texts a month to 2,000.

She believes, though, that there might be a cure. Not for the texting, but for the carpal tunnel--an iPhone. "I do think that since it's touch it won't be as rough on my hands," she said.

So there it is, a new market for the Apple's greatest invention. The iPhone should unquestionably target carpal tunnel teens, perhaps with the line: "It might numb your mind, but never your hands."