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Teen admits trying to hire hit man on Facebook

A teen in Pennsylvania pleads guilty to rape and then attempting to hire a hit man on Facebook to kill the victim.

Perhaps this is a first.

A teenager from West Chester, Pa., pleaded guilty Friday to several offenses that might put him in state prison for between 11 and 22 years.

One of the offenses was rape. He compounded his criminality by attempting to use Facebook in order to hire a hit man to kill the victim.

According to the Daily Local News in Chester County, 19-year-old Corey Christian Adams raped a woman last June. However, after she confronted him over the phone at a later date, the prosecution said, Adams posted on his Facebook page: "I got 500 on a girls head who wants that bread? Hit me up anyway possible."

Such was Adams' apparent urgency in finding a hit man through Facebook that he reportedly fixed a rendezvous with someone he thought might help him with the murder attempt. This turned out to be Detective Stan Billie of the West Chester Police.

Adams didn't show at the meeting, but Billie told the court on Friday that Adams returned to Facebook to post another criminal message. This one reportedly read that he "needed this girl knocked off right now."

Before sentencing, Adams will first be examined to see whether he falls into the category of sexually violent predator.

Neither Adams nor his lawyer reportedly offered anything other than an admission of guilt during Friday's hearing. Words fail me too.