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TechXNY: A different mood

roundup This time, the show floor wasn't what it used to be. Plus: The wireless future takes shape, and Fujitsu and Microsoft make noise about tablet PCs.


Tablet PCs, wireless make noise at high-tech show

By CNET Staff
June 27, 2002, 10:10 a.m. PT

Handheld PCs and their computing cousins take the stage in New York. Microsoft and Fujitsu make their case for tablet PCs, and HP talks up new printers and more. PC makers spin visions of a wireless paradise. But this time, the show floor wasn't what it used to be.

New York bustle goes out of tech show
reporter's notebook When TechXNY was called PC Expo, the show floor brimmed with companies. This time, scaffolding and forklifts occupied empty floor space. And the FBI was hiring.
June 27, 2002

For IBM and Intel, wireless sizzles
New initiatives emerge at this week's TechXNY expo, ranging from helping small businesses build wireless office networks to creating free wireless Internet access for the public.
June 26, 2002

U.K. company picks up AMD's Hammer
Zeus Technology plans to release a version of its Web server software for Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming 64-bit server processor.
June 26, 2002

From Microsoft, a new Office and Tablet PCs
update Looking to expand its desktop software monopoly into new areas, the tech titan announces plans for a new version of its cash cow, Office, and the Nov. 7 launch of the first Tablet PC systems.
June 25, 2002

Tablet PC: 21st century notepad?
Microsoft's Tablet PC is a hit with some attendees of the TechXNY conference--but most are sticking with their keyboards for now.
June 25, 2002

Post-merger PCs on the way from HP
September will be a make-or-break month, when Hewlett-Packard unveils its first completely new PCs since its merger with Compaq.
June 25, 2002

HP overhauls consumer printer line
update Hewlett-Packard, which relies heavily on profits derived from its printer business, revamps its entire line. First out of the gate: three new inkjets.
June 25, 2002

RIM refreshes its BlackBerry lineup
Research In Motion introduces a slew of new e-mail devices designed to take advantage of the latest wireless technology.
June 25, 2002

HP and Kyocera lift up new handhelds
update The device makers announce the latest additions to their handheld product lines one day before the official kickoff of the TechXNY trade show.
June 24, 2002

Wireless is the word at tech show
PC makers at the TechXNY show this week in New York will paint a picture of a wireless utopia. Looking for a hot spot?
June 23, 2002

Drumbeat picks up for tablet PCs
Sources say Fujitsu will unveil a prototype PC that runs Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system.
June 21, 2002

iPod-Windows link getting stronger
update Software maker MediaFour plans to release XPlay, its first Windows application for connecting PCs with Apple's iPod digital music player.
June 21, 2002

Report: Dell to try its hand at handhelds
A new report from market researcher ARS speculates that the PC giant is getting ready to go with a system based on Microsoft's Pocket PC platform.
June 21, 2002

On tap: Windows XP beta for tablet PCs
Microsoft readies a version of the operating system to run on tablet PCs, a new breed of computers with touch screens and handwriting skills.
June 18, 2002

Toshiba handheld packs Wi-Fi
The new e740 Pocket PC incorporates 802.11b wireless capabilities, though at $599 it's at the high end of the consumer handheld market.
June 17, 2002

Wi-Fi wants a few good "hot spots"
The wireless technology isn't exactly in trouble, but there is a shortage of well-traveled urban areas allowing network access for a low price.
June 16, 2002

HP takes a crack at tablet PCs
Hewlett-Packard joins a rising tide of companies working on tablet PC designs put forth by Microsoft almost two years ago.
June 2, 2002


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Mark Guibert, VP, Research In Motion

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